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Keep your finger on the Pulse 

Access valuable insights and information about your clients and patients.

Pulse is a Covid-19 testing application that automates data collection, and generates actionable statistical data in an easy, fast and secure way.

Real time analytics

Equinox Pulse allows private and governmental organisations to gather, analyse and generate

statistical data, in real time the instant the test results are available.

Rapid Response

The personalised version of the application allows government agencies, airports, hospitals, and workplaces to identify and respond to COVID outbreaks, in a precise and decisive way.



Current decisions to lockdown and segregate often affect large areas, this can be improved by a more detailed and timely understanding of data. With the accuracy and high level of detail we offer, the data from equinox pulse precisely identifies problematic areas where stricter measures are required, and allow to ease of restrictions in areas that no longer demand it. This saves time, money, resources and potentially lives.


Our journey as a company began as a response to a common problem we found...

We asked our selves the questions:

What use is fast large scale testing, if data is slow and general?
(this results in inefficient and often disproportionate responses.)

How can we improve on this allowing for faster, better decisions?
(Gathering and understanding: realtime data, more detailed data.)

The solution and conclusion?
Equinox Pulse datamanagement system.​

As a well established and nimble company we have worked fast and tirelessly.

We have engaged authorities, distributors and producers, around the world to understand the needs of users of antigen and antibody tests, and how we could solve this disconnection between testing and data.

The one common issue that we found many end users as well government bodies were facing was the lack of intuitive data collection and analysis.

This is how Equinox Pulse was conceptualised.

Data collection and analysis is a key factor to make fast informed and accurate decisions, that will positively impact the economy and lives if people. With Equinox Pulse, organisations can keep a finger on the pulse and help in the fight against Covid-19 and other future outbreaks.



Equinox Pulse enable organisations to collect data easier and faster, and uses artificial intelligence to verify, analyse and express test results. 


Our technology is an assistive tool that automates the work flow, and eliminates the chances of human error.

Our Vision

To enable organisations such as airports, hospitals, and  governments bodies, to have a more effective and efficient response, which saves lives and maintain “normality” for people during this


"Information is oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine."

App Compatibility 

Equinox Pulse is compatible with some of the world's leading Antigen and Antibody Test Kits. To lean more about which kits we are compatible with, contact us at

App Demo -Anonymous

App Demonstration - Anonymous Version

The anonymous version of the app keeps the user's information private.

What you can do with the anonymous version:

  • See which test kit results are, negative or positive, at the precise time, date and location it was
    performed, this is possible for one or an unlimited number of testing locations.

  • Integrated contact tracing and test tracing. For instance, if an infected client scans into your
    location, you will be immediately alerted with full anonymity for the customer.

  • Customers will be provided their unique test number and their test results will be saved locally on the app.

More features that you'll have access too:

  • You will be able to see detailed realtime data and historical trends on the desktop dashboard.

  • Be alerted of when a Covid-19 threshold has been reached. 

App Demo - Personalised

App Demonstration - Personalized Version

Access valuable insights and information about your clients and patients.

This version of the app is currently modelled for government bodies and larger clients such as
hospital franchises, pharmacies groups and so forth.

What you can do with the personalized version:

  1. Access detailed information about the patients that have been tested. This is adjusted depending
    on your needs; options can include data such as personal details and background, age, gender, nationality, and much more.

  2. Gain access to a more extensive understanding of the demographics and development of
    outbreaks, who and where are they infected, and where did they come from, this combined with a
    precise alert system that could be invaluable for airports, hospitals and other sectors servicing large
    bodies of clients from multiple locations.

  3. Use Geo Location.

  4. Use digital Covid-19 passport.

How is data stored?

We do NOT manage or store any personal information of clients and comply with any local
requirements and regulations. Our job is to provide a reliable data framework and engine for any
organization, and facilitate easy implementation and work in synergy with their existing systems.

Real Time Analytics Dashboard

Our dashboard gives you an overview of the data in an easy to understand interface.

*Personal Data used in this demo are sample data set. 

Features you have access to:

  • Available in Anonymous and Personalised versions 

  • Be alerted of when a positive Covid-19 testing threshold has been reached.

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