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Pulse for Hospital and Pharmacies  

Enabling your patients and local authorities to have fast and digitize results on the pulse.

Paperless Solution, data-driven and instant reporting to authorities 

Equinox Pulse is built and designed for hospital staff as well as a pharmacist to easily record and validate test results on the go. Our software solution is tailor to also give real-time reporting and feedback to authorities so, therefore, they can make a more informed and precise decision on lockdowns and which cities to lockdown over whole country lockdown. 

Pulse application is also an intuitive design for hospital staff and pharmacists to easily setup and use. 

Why Pulse is perfect for Hospital and Pharmacies? 

Digital Record 

Pulse app allows authorities to capture data on the smart phone with pulse application thus switching from paper solution to complete paperless solution.

Real Time Analytics and Reporting 

Real-time data is feed once results come to pulse dashboard which makes the work for reporting to authorities much easier and faster. 

Save Money and Resources

Equinox Pulse saves time and resources for mass-scale testing where by hospital 

App Demo For Hospitals and Pharmacy:

Dashboard Demo

Product Specification: 

Equinox Pulse Comes with the following when bought: 

1 x Multi License Android Application (Non-AI Version) 

1 x Dashboard Solution. 

Units x BarCode. 

Google Cloud Account Setup. 

Supporting Documentation and Localisation 

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